iSiWHITE - Teeth whitening kit X10
iSiWHITE - Teeth whitening kit X10
iSiWHITE - Teeth whitening kit X10
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iSiWHITE - Teeth whitening kit X10

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Getting whiter teeth has never been easier!

iSiWHITE X10 is the teeth whitening kit that helps you get a whiter smile, all on your own. With just a few minutes of use every day, you'll see results in no time.

At-home teeth whitening kits may not be new, nor is it our mischief. However, this machine is new and in our opinion a must-have in every bathroom cabinet.

Discoloured teeth can be fixed yourself

For centuries, people have judged other people if they had discoloured teeth. Even said by many that it reflects one's personality.

However, technology has been around for a long time to address this problem, however, it is usually a costly affair that involves visits to the dentist, which you often get a good result out of.

What makes teeth whiten is the accompanying gel and its active ingredient carbamide peroxide. The machine itself enhances the effect of the substance with its UV light.

Stylish, small and effective

With a very modern yet simple design, the iSiBRUSH X10 stands out from the crowd. And despite its small size, it is just as powerful.

Having slightly discoloured teeth is certainly not uncommon today and certainly doesn't have to be due to oral hygiene mismanagement. It can be caused by many variables, such as diet, coffee, tea, snuff, cigarettes, etc.

The machine itself is very easy to use where you are up and running at the touch of a button.


You will see results after only a few uses. However, how quickly is hard to say and is individual, but you will definitely see results. In the EU there is also regulation for the gel not to exceed a certain percentage of the active ingredient.


The machine is completely safe to use and is designed for normal home use. The gel provided also complies with the EU directive 2011/84/EU regarding teeth whitening for home use. Which in plain language means that the active ingredient does not exceed the set limit, whereby if it is too high it can cause damage to the mouth.

In the US, for example, it is permitted to use gels with a higher percentage of hydrogen peroxide, which is the active ingredient and also the one that whitens teeth. So you can use a more effective bleaching method, but as a disadvantage it can cause damage to the mouth and gums. To prevent this, there is a regulation in the EU, which our standard follows.



1. Rinse your mouth with water or brush your teeth. Also rinse off the mucous membrane.

2. Apply the gel to the tooth surface.

3. Start the machine after charging, or the cord can be connected to the phone to get power directly from it.

4. Insert the mould into the mouth and bite together. Wait for about 16 minutes. The machine switches off when it is finished.

5. Rinse out the mouth with water.

6. Rinse the mouthpiece.

For a more detailed user guide, which we recommend you read before use, you can click here. User manual.


Package contents

1 x iSiWHITE X10 (tooth whitening machine)

1 x USB cable (for charging)

3 x gel (3 ml each)

1 x Tooth chart (for result comparison)

1 x Manual

Gel contents

Bleaching gel content

Carbamide peroxide, urea peroxide, glycerine, propylene, glycol, water, carbomer, potassium nitrate, cellulose gum, PVP, menthol, sodium hydroxide.

Storage: store in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight.

Shelf life: 12 months.



Package weight: 304 g

Machine weight: 20 g

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