Water Bottle Children - Minnie Mouse

Water Bottle Children - Minnie Mouse

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A water bottle for the great room!

A water bottle for kids that really stands out from the crowd. A unique design that's just right for kids. Lovely pink with a motif of the classic character that everyone knows - Minnie Mouse. The lid opens with a button on the front and inside there is a straw to drink from. It also comes with a strap that allows you to hang the bottle around your neck for easy transportation. The strap can be easily removed or put on. A children's water bottle for those who want to spice things up a bit, and a bottle that is sure not to disappoint.

Safe for kids

The Mickey Mouse children's water bottle is designed with children in mind. As such, it is made from materials that are completely safe for children and does not contain any controversial substances or plastics, thus also completely free of BPA.



It is recommended that the product is cleaned/washed before first use. Unscrew the lid and remove the contents, then press one part of the straw with the other part. The bottle is then ready for use.



Volume: 420ml

Height: approx. 13cm

Weight: 180g

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