Toothpaste - Colgate Kids Bubble Fruit 2-5 years

Toothpaste - Colgate Kids Bubble Fruit 2-5 years

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A toothpaste adapted for the very youngest!

Colgate Kids Bubble Fruit is just as it sounds, a toothpaste with a delicious sweet fruit flavour designed for the youngest children.

The toothpaste contains a little flour, which is the appropriate amount for children and also has a mild taste, that is, it does not have a strong menthol taste that ordinary toothpaste usually has.

The toothpaste is created by Colgate, a world leader in toothpaste manufacturing, which means that they deliver products of the highest quality.

A toothpaste that is great for everyday brushing for children and is a must-have in the bathroom for those with young children.

Colgate Kids Bubble Fruit is recommended from the age of 2-5 years.


Children should not swallow toothpaste, especially toothpaste containing fluoride. Hence, it is good to keep track of brushing.

The amount of toothpaste a child should use on their toothbrush should be the size of a pea.

Like adults, children should brush twice a day.

Use with iSiBRUSH

You should still use the recommended amount of toothpaste. It is not necessary to fill the entire "rail" of the brush, but distribute the recommended amount in slightly different places on the "rail". Suggestion: on both edges and in the middle on both sides, which is enough with a very small amount.