iSiPET Animal Toothbrush DoubleHead

iSiPET Animal Toothbrush DoubleHead

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ALL teeth must be brushed!

Although we love our four-legged family members more than anything, I don't think many of us love brushing their teeth! This could be for any number of reasons, but mainly because of how cooperative they are.Whatever the reason, cleaning your cat or dog's mouth and teeth is a must, and unfortunately not something you can run away from forever.

Double heads - Double options

With this dog and cat toothbrush, brushing your four-legged friend's teeth might just get a little easier. When brushing their teeth, the choice of toothbrush doesn't really matter when it comes to the results - the most important thing is that you brush.

But as with most things in life, there are usually tools that can simplify or facilitate certain processes. And the iSiPET DoubleHead is just such a product.

It has double heads where both heads have different shapes of brushes, just so you can choose the one that suits your dog or cat. One side has a slightly more classic head, while the other has brushes all around the head.

In addition, it is relatively long so that you can choose the distance and handling.On top of that, it is lined with rubber in the middle just for comfort and ease of grip.

Not so fun all the time - but a MUST

Brushing your pet's teeth can be far from the most fun thing you know. Especially if he's not cooperative. And instead of letting your patience get the better of you, you just let it go and forget about brushing.

The fact is that a very large percentage of pet owners do not brush their animals' teeth at all, and if they do, they do so very rarely. Many don't even think it's necessary.

Dogs' and cats' teeth are recommended to be brushed once a day. That's right, once a day. Just as we brush our own or our children's teeth, pets are no exception. So if you're not brushing their teeth, you should get started and make it a habit.

Dogs and cats have a self-cleaning process in their mouths and don't usually need to brush their teeth. By usual cases we mean if we go back in time, let them be wild and feed on the wild. But as we feed them manufactured pet food that is high in carbohydrates, their teeth need brushing (carbohydrates = sugar). The same principle applies to us humans.

Suitable for both dogs and cats

The iSiBRUSH Doubleheader pet toothbrush is perfect for both dogs and cats. This is because it has double heads for options, is long and also because the brush heads are small. This together with a pet friendly toothpaste makes a great combination for successful tooth brushing on your pet.

Usage & Tips

You use the toothbrush more or less like a regular toothbrush. Apply toothpaste and brush. In our range you will also find toothpaste with a flavour that your dog likes and that does not lather or need to be rinsed out afterwards.

If your dog is a bit shy or doesn't want to cooperate, one suggestion is to try to get him used to the toothpaste and brush before you start. Let it smell/taste a dollop of toothpaste to familiarise itself with it, same with the toothbrush itself. Possibly you could insert a finger with toothpaste on it into the dog's mouth, alternatively and better still, use a spout with some toothpaste on it just to get the dog familiar with a brush in its mouth, which may be easier when your finger is there too.



Length: 21 cm

Weight: 20 g

Material: ABS

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