Shower Soap & Shampoo Children - Little Mermaid (2 in 1) - Sence

Shower Soap & Shampoo Children - Little Mermaid (2 in 1) - Sence

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Shower soap & shampoo for kids with little mermaid logo

One of our strongest mottos is "Let kids be kids", which we think most parents would agree with. If you can make it a little more pleasant and a little more fun in the bathroom for the children, you should be able to treat them. In this case, it can be the simple thing to replace the regular soap bottle with one that is more adapted for children. This shower soap for children is a so-called 2 in 1, which means that it works as both soap and shampoo for the children, which in turn means that you do not need two different bottles. This bottle is slightly simpler than our other bottles that are more profiled and shaped, but despite this, it is a popular and fun shower soap for children with the motif of the Disney character Little Mermaid - Ariel, which is loved by millions of children around the world. The shower soap's ingredients and appearance are adapted with great care for children and it also has a super good smell that is also adapted for children.

The Little Mermaid shower soap and shampoo is vegan and recommended for children over 3 years old.

How to use

Use of Shower soap and shampoo for children - The little mermaid

This shower soap and shampoo is adapted for children and is not recommended for children under 3 years old. It is a 2 in 1 shower soap, which means that it can be used both as a shower soap and shampoo. The shower soap for children is used just like any other shower soap, where the soap is lathered up and rubbed into the body for him or with a shower brush. For use as a shampoo, the same principle applies, lather up the soap and rub into the hair.



Volume: 250 ml

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