Cotton swabs 200-p
Cotton swabs 200-p
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Cotton swabs 200-p

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Cotton swabs - a staple in every home

Cotton swabs are the perfect basic product that has a place in every bathroom. These versatile tools are as effective for ear cleaning as they are for correcting makeup mistakes or applying medicine to hard-to-reach areas. Our 200-pack ensures that you always have a stick close at hand when the need arises.

Each stick is designed with precision and has soft cotton tips on both ends. Whether it's for daily hygiene, makeup fixing or small detailed tasks, these cotton swabs are the obvious choice.


  • Ear cleaning
  • Correction of makeup
  • Application of medicine or ointment
  • Cleaning small detailed areas

Many small tasks require the right tools, and with iSiBRUSH cotton swabs in your bathroom cabinet, you are always prepared.


How to use

Use of cotton swabs

Cotton swabs are primarily used to clean your ears of wax, but they have a huge range of uses. For example, you can also use them for makeup, household chores, cleaning tight spaces, correcting nail polish, creating art, and other tinkering.

However, it is important to remember when using them for the ears, not to push the stick in too far as it can permanently damage the ear.



Quantity: 200 pieces

Weight of the stick: 68 g

Material: Bamboo and cotton

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