Bath bombs Luxury 6-p

Bath bombs Luxury 6-p

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Make it part of your everyday life!

Taking a bath as a child is probably nothing unusual and part of everyday life. Bathing is fun. while making you clean. But as an adult, it's not as fun, but it's usually nice and relaxing. But relaxing in the bath for a parent of a young child or an adult may not be the most common thing. For many, something so basic can be considered a luxury. Just getting into the bath and relaxing. Maybe even with some music, something to chew on or just with your senses.

But one way that is guaranteed to add luxury to the bathtub is with these bath bombs. A luxurious package of 6 bath bombs that fizz in the bath and smell good. They provide a harmonious feeling and help the body to relax. Since as an adult you don't bathe very often and thus make it a thing you "treat" yourself, it is not entirely wrong to do it fully. turn off the lights, light a candle, drop in a bath bomb, sit back and close your eyes.

These bath bombs come in a fancy packaging that makes it a great gift for a loved one, whether it's a Christmas gift or a present, and also something for anyone who wants to treat themselves. man, woman, old, young - it doesn't matter.


How to use

Fill the bathtub with water. Once in the bath, place the bath bomb in the water, after removing the packaging. the bath bomb slowly dissolves in the water and gives off a pleasant scent.

If the skin is irritated or disturbed in any way, the product should not be used.



Weight: 6 x 90 g

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