Food grade silicone

Food-grade silicone or food silicone as it is sometimes also called, is a more flexible, durable and safer alternative to plastic. But above all, it is safer for people and the environment.

Due to its elasticity, non-porous surface and durability, silicone is one of the best storage options we have for food. Glass containers are good for plastic-free storage, but they can also crack, break, take up a lot of space and are uncomfortable to take with you when you are on the go.

Advantages of food grade silicone:

  • Very resistant to damage and degradation
  • Withstands extreme temperatures, both heat and cold
  • Does not harden, does not crack, does not dry out, does not become brittle over time
  • Light weight, saves space, easy to transport
  • Made from a natural resource
  • Non-toxic and odorless - contains no bpa (Bisphenol A), latex, lead, phthalates,
  • Can be recycled to 100%
  • Classified as non-hazardous waste