Use of iSiBRUSH

How to use an iSiBRUSH?

1. Spread a small amount of toothpaste all over the rail. The same amount of toothpaste as you would use on a regular children's toothbrush. Suggestion: apply a very small amount on one edge, in the middle and the other edge, and do the same on the other side of the rail.

2. Make sure your child bites the teeth together just right in the middle of the rail. Not too hard so that the rail cannot be touched and not too loose so that it does not clean. This can be good to test before and without toothpaste, so that the child gets the hang of the technique, which usually goes quite quickly once they understand the concept.

3. Wiggle the toothbrush back and forth, left to right for about a minute.Make sure the child spits out the suds at regular intervals, as they have a tendency to swallow it without thinking about it. Small mouths fill up quite quickly, which means they may need to spit out suds a few times during the brushing process. Especially if you've had more toothpaste on the shelf.

A tip is also to use an hourglass!

4. Rinse out your mouth and rinse off your toothbrush. Then it was done!

5. we recommend that you periodically use a regular toothbrush to ensure that you have reached all surfaces and corners such as the back of the mouth or the gum line etc. This is because all mouths and teeth are differently shaped and also difficult to see if it has reached the very back or not.

A tip to make brushing even easier is to use an hourglass, which has proven to be very effective in motivating children to brush their teeth. Explain that they are done when the sand has run out. You can also say that it's a competition and that if the child has brushed their teeth before the sand runs out, they've won! Last but not least, you can each have an hourglass, one at one minute for the child and one at two minutes for you. Explain that it's a competition and that the hourglass that runs out first wins. The child will then speed up with the brush, just as if it were a running race.And of course the child will win every time who has a faster hourglass:)

Hourglasses are free when you buy three products here on iSiBRUSH or they can also be bought separately.