User Manual Teeth Whitening

Instructions for use Teeth whitening

1. Rinse the mouth tray and your mouth before use.

2. Look at the colour of your teeth and compare them with the colours on the tooth chart provided.

3. Turn the gel tube until gel comes out on the brushes of the tube.

4. Spread the gel evenly on the outside of your teeth, both up and down.

Do not apply too much gel to your teeth; more gel will not create a better result. For each treatment, use about 0.5-0.7 ml. Try to avoid applying the gel directly to your gums or to the inside of your lips. It may create a burning sensation, but is absolutely nothing to worry about and it will subside.

5. Make sure the machine is charged before use or pair it with your phone for power. Put the mouth pen in your mouth and bite together.

6. Start the machine by pressing the button so that the machine/rail lights up. Take a deep breath and swallow beforehand to try and minimise saliva production in the mouth, as excessive saliva will dilute the concentration of the gel.

7. The machine will switch off after 16 minutes, which is visible when the light goes out. The treatment is then complete.

8. Rinse out your mouth and rinse off the actual oral mucosa that you had in your mouth.

9. Compare your teeth once more with the accompanying dental chart to see how many steps of improvement have taken place.

10. Avoid eating or drinking anything within 30 minutes. However, water is fine.

Tips and advice

1. Before use, rinse out your mouth.We recommend trying to remove as much water as possible from your teeth before applying the gel to achieve the best results.

2. For the same reason as above, we also recommend that you do not have a large amount of saliva in your mouth before applying the gel or while whitening your teeth, as the gel may be diluted with the saliva and thus have less effect.

3. All bodies are different and can react differently. It is not common but some may feel a slight soreness or burning sensation after applying the gel.This is nothing dangerous and is normal. For the majority, this feeling disappears after a short while. If you still want to relieve it, you can try to cool it down with some kind of soothing balm or similar. If the discomfort is severe, you should consider reducing use or stopping altogether.

4. Avoid pouring gel directly on the gums. Wipe off the excess.

5. If you spill gel on your skin or clothes, we recommend wiping it off immediately.

6. Make sure that the cap is always on the gel when it is not in use in order not to spoil its character and effect.

7. Keep out of reach of children!

Not recommended for the following.

1. All forms of "non-real teeth".

2. Teeth discoloured by injury/disease/organ structure or medications.

3. Teeth severely discoloured by Tetracycline (antibiotics) or severely damaged/decayed teeth.

4. Teeth with damaged enamel, strained or damaged teeth.

5. Children under 16 and pregnant women.