Brushing your teeth isn't just to make your mouth smell good!

Smelling good and feeling fresh after brushing your teeth is a given for most people. And many people brush their teeth for this very reason. You don't want your mouth to smell bad when you go to school, work or outside your home to meet other people.
That's why many people forget that the reason they brush their teeth is to maintain good oral health. The fact that it smells good is more of a bonus.

It has been shown that during the pandemic, people have been brushing their teeth significantly less than they should, especially in the case of young people. This is thought to be because they are not going to see anyone anyway, so it is not as important.

Bacteria in the mouth can be really bad if it goes too far. Cavities, tooth loss, bacteria in the bloodstream and inflammation that can affect the rest of the body. Plus cavities, plaque and tartar.

So yes, most people appreciate a good looking mouth. But your body is best served by taking care of your oral hygiene, even if you're not going anywhere.