How to deal with the toughest challenges in family life!

Hello dear parents of young children! As a parent and child educator, I understand that parenting can be full of challenges. But let's not let them take over the joy and love we share with our children. In this article, I will share some of the best hacks to deal with the toughest challenges in a way that is joyful, positive and full of love. Let's tackle these challenges together and make parenting an even more wonderful journey!

1. Sleep deprivation and napping - when sleep becomes a challenge

Dealing with sleep deprivation and napping can be exhausting, but remember that you are not alone. One of the best hacks is to create a calm and comforting sleep routine. I remember when my little angel had trouble falling asleep. By creating a cozy atmosphere with story time and a soothing lullaby, we were able to make her feel safe and fall asleep sweetly.

2. Food refusal and pickiness - When mealtimes become a struggle

Dealing with food refusal and pickiness can be a challenge, but let's be creative and take it as an opportunity to introduce new flavours and foods. One day my little darling was stubborn about not eating vegetables. But by making the meal a fun and interactive experience, such as making faces with the vegetables on the plate, we were able to entice her to explore and taste them.

3. The age of defiance and tantrums - When tempers go wild

The age of defiance can be a challenging time, but let's remember that our children are developing their own personalities and emotions. One of the best hacks is to use positive reinforcement and set clear boundaries. When my little angel had a tantrum, I tried to stay calm and give her the opportunity to express herself. By praising her for positive behavior and giving her a hug afterwards, we could learn to manage the challenges together.

4. Screen time management - When the screen takes over

Screen time management is a current challenge in today's digital world, but let's find a balance that promotes a healthy and active lifestyle for our children. One of the best hacks is to offer alternative activities that stimulate imagination and creativity. I remember when my little angel was caught in a screen time trap. By introducing arts and crafts, nature walks, and family games, we were able to create meaningful and engaging time together away from the screen.

5. Sibling rivalry and shared attention - When siblings fight

Sibling rivalry and divided attention can be a challenge, but let's create an atmosphere of cooperation and love between our children. One of the best hacks is to create special time for each child and offer them individual attention. I remember when my children fought over toys. By encouraging them to share and cooperate, and by giving each child time to express their feelings and interests, we were able to create a harmonious and loving relationship between them.

6. Lack of time and self-care - when you forget about yourself

Lack of time and lack of self-care are common challenges for parents, but let's not forget to take care of ourselves too. One of the best hacks is to create little moments of own time. I remember when I felt overwhelmed by the demands of parenthood. By taking a few minutes each day to do something I love, like reading a book or taking a walk, I was able to recharge my own batteries and be an even better parent to my children.


Dear parents, by using these best hacks and making them part of our everyday life, we can face the toughest challenges with joy and love. Remember that no parent is perfect, but we do our best for our children. Take these tips and adapt them to your own needs and family dynamics. Together, let's make parenting an even more amazing journey!