That's why you should scrape your tongue.

For most people, brushing their teeth daily is a matter of course. But scraping your tongue is not so obvious.
Ridiculous or banal, you may think. But the fact is that the tongue harbours an enormous amount of bacteria of mixed colonies. They are not dangerous in themselves, but tongue scraping minimises the risks of various forms of oral diseases and infections etc. Moreover, bacteria on the tongue are often a direct contributor to bad breath.
A lot of research has been done in this particular area, all coming to the same conclusion, that you should clean your tongue daily to minimise bacterial growth. But also to counteract the so-called "young plaque" and tongue coating that often appears as a white film on the tongue.
The tongue is a bacteria bomb, so make sure to keep it fresh, which is very easy and can be done quickly with a tongue scraper. You can find tongue scrapers and other products for better oral health at