Brush correctly - the hardest toothbrush is not always the best!

It is not at all uncommon for many people to think that hard toothbrushes are effective. You get the feeling that it removes the dirt better - but it is not.

The basic rule is the number 2. Two cm of toothpaste on the brush and brush for two minutes (small children should have less toothpaste).

It is always better to have a softer toothbrush. It is definitely not inferior or less effective, but on the other hand gentler on teeth and gums.

The enamel wears faster with a hard brush and even the gums can be damaged. This is often seen in people whose teeth expose the gums.

So the sum of cardamom. Do not use the hardest brush and do not be so stressed when brushing - brush for the two minutes required.

Teeth can be an expensive affair later in life, so be sure to take care of your oral health - it does not cost much, and it only takes a total of four minutes a day.